I will cook only for you, I cook cook cook…

Lately, I love enjoying indie songs from Korea. In youtube, I found many sweet and lovely K-indie, so easy listening (even though I don’t know what the meaning of the lyrics, hehehe^^). Their video clips also pretty and cute to watch.

Like this song, Ramen King by Milk Tea. In case it makes you a bit confused, Ramen King is the song’s title and Milk Tea is the band’s name. So I google the lyrics in english. Just like I expected, soooo super sweet and cute. So simple, no poetic words. The song tell us about a girl cooking ramen for a boy.

Just watch (and read the english sub^^).

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even if my heart’s still beating just for you
i really know you are not feeling like i do
and even if the sun is shining over me
how come i still freeze?
no one ever sees no one feels the pain
i shed teardrops in the rain
[teardrops in the rain, cnblue]

It’s Ok ‘Project’

Once upon a time I heard some song. From the first time the song sang, I fall in love with it. So, I search who’s the man behind the song. I found his blog, and turns out he already has two album. Thankfully my friend has them.

And just like that, I fall so deep. His songs sang everyday in my room, in my car, in my office mac, in my head. Damn, I said. How come he made such a good mellow tunes like that?

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