I will cook only for you, I cook cook cook…

Lately, I love enjoying indie songs from Korea. In youtube, I found many sweet and lovely K-indie, so easy listening (even though I don’t know what the meaning of the lyrics, hehehe^^). Their video clips also pretty and cute to watch. Like this song, Ramen King by Milk Tea. In case it makes you a…


even if my heart’s still beating just for you i really know you are not feeling like i do and even if the sun is shining over me how come i still freeze? no one ever sees no one feels the pain i shed teardrops in the rain [teardrops in the rain, cnblue]

It’s Ok ‘Project’

Once upon a time I heard some song. From the first time the song sang, I fall in love with it. So, I search who’s the man behind the song. I found his blog, and turns out he already has two album. Thankfully my friend has them. And just like that, I fall so deep….

Make you feel my love

  When the rain Is blowing in your face And the whole world Is on your case I could offer you A warm embrace To make you feel my love