Lovable Love

I always wondering, how can Disney Pixar made such a lovable love between Carl and Ellie?
Who wrote the story?
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Midnight in Paris: travel to the past

I watched this because my brother bought the dvd for me. He’s so kind, isn’t he? πŸ™‚

At first, I thought it’s chickflick. But it’s not. And as I expected; not disappointed. Although, in my opinion, Owen Wilson is less suitable for movie with this kind of theme, but overall the movie is super great.^^

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City Hunter

It’s been a long since I watched Korean drama for the last time. I usually watched them with my mom. Anyway, one day I saw a Korean drama ad in television. Came the tall man who – even though his hair like an alay boyband smash – holding a weapon in some action scene. I am interested in watching it knowing that the title is adopt from the famous manga series by Hojo Tsukasa – City Hunter.

So I watch it.

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