Cute things on Friday

Me and my partner in-crime had to the malls for the past three days.What for? Well,  our boss told us to be a marketing (or sales?) for a while. I know… I know…  am an editor and that’s not my jobdesc. But it was a chance to learn new things. And I like and choose to see it from that viewpoint. Plus, i love malls!
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Weekend Today

Lately, I feel like have no time for ‘me (& besties) time’. Just work, work, work! So, when the little project meeting’s  cancelled, I decided to ngemall with two of my besties right after work (that’s right, I work on Saturday). Just walk around the mall, go to bookstore (as always), window shopping, and ‘curhat session’ while enjoy some cold drinks; talk about men (again, as always), our trip plan and life.

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14 Februari

Seorang teman yang tidak ingin menghabiskan waktu sendirian di hari V kemarin mengajak teman senasibnya untuk sekedar ngemall dan bersenang-senang. Siapa yang diajaknya? Ya, saya (xD) dan seorang lagi. Oh, well, sebenarnya kami mengajak dua orang teman lain dan pasangan mereka dengan niat buruk mengganggu moment V mereka *devil’s laugh*.  Tapi tentu saja mereka memilih pasangan mereka (pengkhianat kalian, pengkhianat! Whahahaha…. )

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