What does Ayu did wrong to Nia and the sun…


…is the title of our three day trip to Bandung, last weekend. Well, it ain’t necessary to know the reason why, hahahaha :D. Anyway, it’s seven of us. As usual, our vacation purpose is to eat and eat and drink :p. As we all -Indonesian- know, Bandung has a lot of beautiful cafes and resto with nice view. They lie around at Dago Atas or Lembang. Oh, Bandung has strictly rules about alcohol. Several doesn’t serve alcohol, and several serve them start 06.00pm. Just FYI πŸ™‚
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Sunday Daydream

We could travel to Paris
Then fly all around the world
Visit main sites
Explore the greater things in life

Or maybe have a picnic
Pb&j with some pink lemonade
Just the way you like it
Soft kisses and tight hugs

After everything we can lay down
Cuddle as we watch the moon chase the sun around the earth
A sudden shooting star
But what more could you wish for?


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yang tercecer dari bandung…

di sapu lidi
Dear girls (and boys)

Akhirnya kita berhasil! Kembali berlibur sejenak setelah Jogja! Gue bangga kita bisa meluangkan waktu dari kesibukan masing-masing yang jelas berbeda-beda. I am so proud!

Memang, tujuan kali ini ‘hanya’ ke Bandung. Tapi tetap saja, ingat kan kalau susah banget mengumpulkan kita berdelapan dalam satu waktu?
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