It’s Ok ‘Project’

Once upon a time I heard some song. From the first time the song sang, I fall in love with it. So, I search who’s the man behind the song. I found his blog, and turns out he already has two album. Thankfully my friend has them. And just like that, I fall so deep….


The morning dew And  then comes the sunshine Waiting for you is that worth

To Get Me

Happiness is simple Sitting in the back seat on my car Looking at the sky and the street through the window With the mellow tunes from the radio

Still Here

Missing you is the thing i always do My friends keep saying, “oh please!” But their voice just like a fog Only make me down for a while

Did You Know?

Hey, did you know? Hey, had you been heard the singing birds whispering something? Secretly am falling in love with you clearly you don’t know ’cause I save it for myself