Lovely blogs about lovely things

I love blogwalking and always do that every time I need something to inspire me. There are two must visit blogs I recommend to you if you got stuck and need some freshy idea. Especially if you like DIY things and every lovely things (or places).

[DIY] Resolutions Book

What, make a new year’s resolution? I know it’s a bit late, but better late than never. Am I rite? I made this mini book right after I saw a resolution book in a website of one of my fave stationery shop. But the shop only in Singapore and Aussie. So I decide to create…

Pocket Notebook[s]

A month ago, I found A Beautiful Mess, a blog belong to two ladies named Elsie and Emma. Since then, A Beautiful Mess is a must visit every time i do blogwalking. I love their DIY things about books, this is one of them.

A Gift for:

Okey, I think am start addicting making printable stuff. And, yes, it’s free. You can have it too. Right now, am made this gift tag.

Freakin’ Never Ending To Do List

I always need to do list. Well, even though every time i list my things, instead touch the finish line, they prefer grow as big as a mountain :p. Maybe that’s why I need to do list^^. So, in this lovely first month of 2013, I choose not to buy, but make it.