Have a Holly Jolly Christmas :)

A joy that is shared is a joy made double. So, I wanna share joyfulness I have by wishing you a very merry christmas and hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family, because christmas is, of course, the time to be home — in heart as well as body. Blessed be

Toys Land in a Christmas Tree

I did it! Finally! As our planned last year, me and my brother decorated our christmas tree with my collection of plush toys. Yeay!

Closing The Year

My family and I spent Christmas week in Jogjakarta. My sister did not get off her job and my nephew and his dad went to Hong Kong with his family from Ciledug. So, it’s just the three of us: me, daddy, and my brother. In Jogja, other family members already waiting; aunties, uncle, and cousins….

Three days before Christmas

Three days before Christmas. This 2011 I failed sending Christmas cards through mr. postman. I also failed doing experiment for my Christmas tree’s decoration. But my brother and I already have an idea how we should decorate the Christmas tree for 2012! :). Anyway, as usual, at certain moments, I always want to give gifts…