Hating Christmas

They don’t have romanticism of christmas. That’s one of many reason why december makes me so damn miss you over the past two years. I miss our times doing ornaments shopping for christmas tree, bought christmas gifts, do some good thing by gave a present for orphans, bought so many food and snack for christmas day, and made the house clean beautifully and looks like christmas. I really miss those times.

So, am kind start of hating christmas. Not the idea of christmas, not why we’re celebrate christmas. I hate the moment that now am the only one who think about what should do and buy for christmas.

And… i think am still kind of dislike that person. Okay, this one is random :p. I just heard his/her (?) voice while write this.

Anyway, christmas is christmas. So, I guess I should just enjoy and celebrate it.

So sorry for me so mellow this christmas. I still love christmas, though….

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Merry Christmas to you all!

Be merry and bright!


Closing The Year

My family and I spent Christmas week in Jogjakarta. My sister did not get off her job and my nephew and his dad went to Hong Kong with his family from Ciledug. So, it’s just the three of us: me, daddy, and my brother. In Jogja, other family members already waiting; aunties, uncle, and cousins. We don’t celebrate Christmas with some party, just get together and pray. The next few days daddy spent time with his sisters, while my brother chose to go to the Klithikan market searching something for his Nikon. I personally spent time with a friend. Since my brother miss beach so bad, we stopped at some beach on the way back home to Jakarta.

This last week of 2011 is the happy week to close the year πŸ™‚

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Three days before Christmas

Three days before Christmas. This 2011 I failed sending Christmas cards through mr. postman. I also failed doing experiment for my Christmas tree’s decoration. But my brother and I already have an idea how we should decorate the Christmas tree for 2012! :).

Anyway, as usual, at certain moments, I always want to give gifts to others. Christmas is one of them. But I think it’s too late if I have to make something for Christmas gifts. Yeah, I always wanted to make something as a gift, instead of buying something. My sissy suggested to make it as new year’s present.

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