dan kunang-kunang datang menyapa bulan memantulkan dia dalam mimpi malam. selama hatimu tersenyum, sayang kau hanya perlu menyimpan kenangan kita tanpa perlu menjadikannya luka. *happy birthday πŸ™‚  


Yes, I am! πŸ™‚ Mamaci untuk semua ucapan dan doanya. Love you all *kiss kiss* 😘😘😘

I want these…

Me and my girls have some kind of ‘rule’ for every birthday this year, which is wishlist. So these are my wishlist *wink* iPhone or iPad case. Me need it!these gorgeous case belong to JGshop, shop at 89, and urbanesiastore

Goodbye Twenties

  My twenties was so colorful. There is no regret when I must say goodbye to them. Since today, I wanna say welcome to my thirties. I believe it’s gonna be a wonderful year, it will bring such a happiness to my life. Welcome, let’s live the life with smile πŸ™‚