Sweetest Things Near Monkey Forest

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My friend’s friend told her about this mini store. They sell only jams and soap (well, and salt). All homemade. I google it and I found some reviews that make me curious. So, when me and my friends traveled to Bali, we go to this store. The name is KOU Cuisine. It’s in Ubud, near Monkey Forest.

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Sometimes… it’s not about collect your memories to post them into facebook and let the whole world know.

Sometimes… it’s not about fulfill your bucket list or 100 places you must visit before you die list.

Sometimes… it’s about having fun with your best friends, eat good foods, capture some beautiful sceneries, escaping for a while from Jakarta. Just be happy (just like me and my friends’ holiday’s theme song^^*)

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Books, Beach, Foods, and Sunburn

reading book on the beach

Maybe it’s stupid things (for some people) to read a book while we’re on the beach. But for me and one of my travel soulmates, it’s ‘a little heaven on earth’ thing. Sands, sound of waves, and softly wind; Just a perfect place to hide with books on our hand.

We bought those books while we sat on Made’s Warung at Seminyak, ate our lunch. Yes, you can buy books there, since they have Periplus inside the restaurant.  My friend bought a novel from Nicholas Sparks – her fave writer, while I choose The Help from Kathryn Stockett. I dying to read this novel since I watched the movie.

The Help from Kathryn Stockett

Our so called hibernate trip opened with books.
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