Sweetest Things Near Monkey Forest

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My friend’s friend told her about this mini store. They sell only jams and soap (well, and salt). All homemade. I google it and I found some reviews that make me curious. So, when me and my friends traveled to Bali, we go to this store. The name is KOU Cuisine. It’s in Ubud, near Monkey Forest.

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They have two mini store. First one is at Monkey Forest street. This store sell jams (and salt). There is also an apron and a set of top and pants made with some kind of canvas fabric and some plates and bowls for gifts. They have various flavor of jams; passion fruit and tangerine, pineapple and guava, strawberry and banana, mango, apple cinnamon, grape and buni, and milk caramel (The last one is sooo my favorite!). They sell IDR 40.000 for one bottle. If you wanna buy jams for gift, they have several pretty packaging. But you have to pay for the packaging, is about IDR 10.000-20.000.

photo 4

The second one is at Dewi Sita street. If you exit the first store, just go straight to the left.  You’ll find soccer ground, then go to the left, just go straight. It’s about 50 meters. The second store sell soap and only soap in several scent. they have two different size. A big one sell for IDR 35.000 and a small one only IDR 10.000. Perfect for gifts or souvenirs.

photo 2

Both store are super sweet and pretty. I ended up bought 4 bottles of jams and 13 mini soap. Oh, if you spent IDR 70.000 in each store you’ll get stamp. If you already have 2 stamp from both stores, you’ll get salt in pretty package as souvenir.

Anyway, am run out of my milk caramel jam!! Can I order KOU from Jakarta? Hiks!


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