Hai Mom…

love mom


How’s life up there?

It’s Mother’s Day Today. Here on earth, people keep put ‘I love mum’ or ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ on their BBM status or on twit land. I feel like… I don’t wanna do the same thing. So, I wrote this letter to ask how’s your life up there with God? Is it good? I bet It beyond good. Nothing’s bad when you’re with God, isn’t it?

Me just fine, here. Sometimes i miss you so bad, but I keep myself busy.
Anyway Mom, you know the thing I always ask God every single year? I think I don’t wanna ask for that thing anymore. Wish me luck! :p

So, Mom, Happy Mother’s Day!
I know you’re happy there, cause I’m happy here πŸ™‚

kiss from earth
your daughter


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