Books, Beach, Foods, and Sunburn

reading book on the beach

Maybe it’s stupid things (for some people) to read a book while we’re on the beach. But for me and one of my travel soulmates, it’s ‘a little heaven on earth’ thing. Sands, sound of waves, and softly wind; Just a perfect place to hide with books on our hand.

We bought those books while we sat on Made’s Warung at Seminyak, ate our lunch. Yes, you can buy books there, since they have Periplus inside the restaurant.  My friend bought a novel from Nicholas Sparks – her fave writer, while I choose The Help from Kathryn Stockett. I dying to read this novel since I watched the movie.

The Help from Kathryn Stockett

Our so called hibernate trip opened with books.

at Seminyak beach

Who the hell on earth wanna go to Bali but don’t want go to the beach? No one.
Who the hell on earth wanna go to the beach but don’t want to get wet? Well…it’s us, I guess :p.
Last year, when I went to some beach with my friend, he asked me what am usually do on the beach.
“I don’t know, playing sands and get wet in the sea?” i said, doubtful. And he just gave me a little laugh. Urgh.
“What about you?”
“I sleep.” he said.
And I found sleep on the beach is a part of little heaven on earth things.

at Uluwatu


me at Padang-padang beach
my travel soulmate at Padang-padang beach

So that’s the things we do. No, not sleep, just sat on the sand, get silent, read our books, get some girl talks, and…well, took a lots of pics :p

hot chocolate at MiX coffee and bar

Yes, one of our purpose when we planned this trip are.. we must make ourself happy by eat, eat, and eat (and drink). Ha! :D. Our mornings opened with coffee and american breakfast in different restaurant near our hotel; pancake, toast, scramble eggs, bacon… you named it. For lunch and dinner, we got…well, a lots! Porks and seafoods for sure.

pancake set at MiX coffee and bar
American breakfast at Bestest cafe
Nasi campur babi atau Babi campur nasi? All porks :9
prawn and squid grill at Jimbaran
gelato for snack

But the winner is the restaurant in Jimbaran. It’s not seafood, but Italian (I guess). The name is Balique. Not far from Intercontinental Hotel. The place isn’t big, homey with all vintage interior. I just love it so much. Put Balique in your plan trip. The price a bit expensive, but I don’t care. We don’t care :p. We ate pasta for our late lunch, and drank mojito. Their Coconut pannacotta is so yummy!

mojito at Balique
Pasta al Rague de Chef at Balique
Pasta al Marinara at Balique
Coconut Pannacotta at Balique

Oh well, we just love to eat (and drink) 😀

Thanks to people who invented sunblocks! you save my life #dramaqueen :p

the sun

Bali, 21-23 September 2012


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  1. nnhtun92 says:

    lovely photos! I want to live in Bali one day!!. hehe 🙂 my name is Kate! nice to meet you! I’m from Burma, but living in Thailand.

  2. fortherose says:

    Hi Kate! 😀

  3. nnhtun92 says:

    Hello 🙂 How are you?

  4. Kate Burma says:

    are you from Indonesia? 🙂

  5. fortherose says:

    Yup, I am 🙂

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