It’s Not About Age

I found this writing on Joyce Meyer’s daily devotional on her website. And I think, well.. it’s suit if I repost it to celebrate my birthday.

So, since my birthday is tomorrow, I repost it now. It tells about age –  that my life, your life, our life is not about age.
Happy reading 🙂

It’s Not About Age

by Joyce Meyer – posted May 27, 2012

Let no one despise or think less of you because of your youth, but be an example (pattern) for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity.
—1 Timothy 4:12

Timothy, Paul’s “spiritual” son in the ministry, was very young, and he was fearful and worried about what people thought of his youth. Paul told him to let no man despise his youth. It really does not matter how old or young a person is. If God calls someone to do something, and they have the confidence to go forward, nothing can stop them.

How you respond to your age and, for that matter, how others respond is really up to you. We all age in years, but we don’t have to get an “I’m too old” mindset. Moses was eighty years old when he left Egypt to lead the Israelites to the Promised Land. Confident people don’t think about how old they are; they think about what they can accomplish with the time they have left. Remember, confident people are positive and look at what they have, not what they have lost.

Even if you are reading this and let’s say you’re sixty-five years old and feel you have wasted most of your life doing nothing—you can still start today and do something amazing and great with your life.


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