Jogja: Easter Retreat

I spent last long weekend in Jogjakarta. Not by myself, but with my church friends to attend the Easter retreat. Maybe no one couldn’t see from the outside, but this retreat journey brings its own changes for me.

Journey Back
I always say “back” everytime I came to Jogja. Perhaps because of the influence of Mom who loved this city so much. I’m arrived at seven in the morning on Great Friday. But this time I don’t live at home, but staying at the Hyatt Regency Hotel with all church friends, which is also the center of the Easter event this time. Anyway, When I sat in a car that took me from the airport to the hotel, I just realized how much I miss this city.

What I want
Although the first day I got to go to Malioboro after breakfast, mostly I spent these three days at the hotel. At free time, I (and my bestie) do the task from our pastor; working on design for his book, of course, while enjoying day in Jogja-which is actually hot, sitting on the pool side, stay under blankets in a cold room, enjoy a rainy afternoon, to soaking up in the bath up. Indeed, I always wanted this for my holiday; ‘wasting time’ in just one place, going nowhere.

Somethin’ I learned
Giving and receiving. What are you really expect when you give something yours to others. This actually started when I decided to attend the events that cost beyond my budget^^. And when I must to received, not just one, but two things. My first thought to accept something I don’t want is to turn off my own heart. And fortunately I never could. Because pain was necessary to test the endurance of my heart, to tell myself whether I have really accepted it.

The point is I feel blessed in this trip. Because even the world continues to offer things that can hurt me, he could never keep me away from His love.


Jogjakarta, 6-8 April 2012

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