Thoughts. Mind. Choosing.

I was an irritable person. I quickly felt upset and angry if something isn’t happened according to my expectations. One more thing, I often think negatively about others and myself. And I found that this so bizarre. Why I am not peaceful? I already know God, didn’t I? I diligently go to church every week, didn’t I?

The answer is because I only know him, but I did not receive Him. It was as if I bumped into him on the street, I would just say “Hi, Jesus!” then I moved on my own, without taking Him way along with me. That’s it.

Then I met this community. With them I was invited to know God more deeply, I receive Him. And lately I realized that God is transforming me. The process is still ongoing.

Yeah, I’m still irritable. But I learned not to take the anger in my daily life. I learned not to vent my anger on those around. I learned to restrain anger. I learned to renewing my own mind.

And yes, I still often failed. Many things, both in personal and professional life, I easily react and allow negative things come to mind. Why? I already receive Him, didn’t I?

Yes, I have received Him. I believe, in spirit I have been reborn. But not with the mind. It is my duty as a human being. To deal with the mind, we need a lot of time and effort. Believe me, it’s not instant!

We should know, we’ve got tremendous Spirit within each of us and God has His purpose for us. If the mind isn’t aligned with His purpose, it’s useless, right? I believe when our mind and God’s purpose is aligned, without much effort, other people can see the fruits that we produce. From each of our attitudes and actions of everyday life, others may see God.

That is why renewing the mind is very important. So, how can we continue to think positively? A friend taught me to practice meditating, meditate on the Word of God. Of course we all want to be doers of the Word, we want each of our actions reflect God, isn’t it? Well, how can we will be the doers of the Word if we never read His Word?

According to her again, we must discover where our problem. For example, my problem is anger. I shoud look for Bible verses related to that problem. Then each time the anger appear, instead I get angry and speak negative words, I say the verse. When I say it repeatedly, then the level of anger will slowly decline, and levels of tranquility will rise, then their position will be equal, and will eventually turn around.

It leads to the next question: how can we resist not to say anger, and utter His Word? The key here is to choose. One that God gives us is the freedom to choose. Use it. We can choose to be negative or we can choose to be positive. In the emotional issues that I mentioned in the paragraph above, I can choose to be negative by saying the anger that might be hurtful to those around me. Or I could choose to be positive by replacing those words with His Words.

I chose the last one, of course. That’s the positive thinking. That’s renewing the mind. Because each time we decided to think positive, there is no room for negative things to stop by and stay in our minds.

I fully understand that renewing the mind is not an easy thing. I am still in the process. But one that I believe, when we fail in the process, do not condemn, do not back down and even away from God. When we fail, when we allow the negative thoughts come back to our mind, just come to Him, ask forgiveness, then continue our journey back to renewing our mind. Do not give up. Because – I quoting Joyce Meyer‘s word in one of her books – the person who never give up always sees victory.

And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise

– Philippians 4:8 – NLT

*Frontline Cibubur Cell, 24th August 2011

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  1. veehcirra says:

    this is a very inspiring post, I always tend to think that negative thoughts are easier to think than positive ones, however meditating does help in allowing one to gain control of their thoughts, and thus focus on the good more often.All the best in the process of renewing your mind, and I hope you overcome the thoughts of anger.Happy thoughts 🙂

  2. fortherose says:

    Hi veehcirra, thanks for stopping by to read my blog :). Yup, I learned so much by renewing my mind and meditate on His Words. Happy thoughts 🙂

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